I had a great time sitting down to talk with fellow Bournemouth University alumni and You Are The Media regular, Trisha Lewis earlier this month about all things Star Wars and Star Trek, via Zoom for her podcast Make It Real.

From Trisha’s website..

Episode 77: Liam Toms – Star Wars v Trek (Emotional Pull)

“A very thought-provoking conversation between a Star Wars nerd and Captain Kirk fan! Fun yes – but also highly relevant to us as business owners. Delving into the emotional ingredients of sets and soundtracks and the characters – human and metal – how we connect and care about them. Authenticity and vulnerability – it’s all here, wrapped around with story and nerdiness.”

You can listen to the show on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, PodBean and more.

78 – Lucy Griffin-Stiff – New Year Baggage Clear Out Make it Real

Great listen for any time of the year! We all have baggage – from limiting beliefs to perceived failures and imposed labels from childhood! But we don't need to carry them around forever – time for a clear out. Lucy Griffin-Stiff is a life and mindset coach and 'Timeline Therapist' – as well as a very real and warm individual – of course. This episode isn't fluffy – it is forensic. Action focused with the much needed insight to back that action up. Be your best – greatest even – self.
  1. 78 – Lucy Griffin-Stiff – New Year Baggage Clear Out
  2. 77 Liam Toms – Star Wars v Trek Emotional Pull
  3. 76 Beth Anne Campbell – Baby Steps to sort your Lost Mojo
  4. How to be your Brand Ambassador
  5. #74 Sarah Townsend – Survival Skills for Freelancers
  6. #73 Margie Warrell – Courage, Confidence, Comfort Zones
  7. #72 Tina Jennings – Grow with Curiosity
  8. #71 – Peter John Cooper – The Part you Play
  9. Ep 70 – Gemma Bowden – Feel it to Create it
  10. #69 Susan Steele – How to Read

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