Traditions serve as a comfort blanket. A warm and fuzzy feeling, with an undertone of being held back. It’s worth remembering that all our traditions started somewhere, while we were idly going about our lives. It may sound cynical, but I say this as someone who likes having markers throughout the year. Along the way I found a value in cutting loose before tradition became routine. It set me up well for coping with the string of disappointments that 2020 brought us.

Sam and I have a few traditions for this time of the year that we’ve upheld for a decade. We could’ve continued with them this year, even with the restrictions in place, instead we opted to take a break from the lot.

The pre Christmas hysteria was exhausting. Much like in 2019, albeit different circumstances, all I wanted to do when I finished work for the calendar year was to disconnect.

We’ve spent the past week or so getting up and out the house mid morning for a winter walk in a variety of locations across the local area. The weather wasn’t great for the first couple of days and it took a bit of a push to get going. With some momentum now behind us, we’ve noticed the positive impact it’s had on our time off. We feel less stressed, less lethargic, less guilty for spending the rest of the day relaxing at home.

We’ve arrived upon the potential of something to be repeated in years to come. A future tradition, or maybe just a template for making better use of the Christmas break.

Lesson learnt. Let go. Welcome the new.

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