Ok, here’s the return of a regular post format from my blogging days of old, which was inspired by Kerrang! magazine’s weekly ‘Stimulants’ feature. It shouldn’t need much introduction, it’s a list of all the things I enjoyed in the past month. I’ve decided to name it after a simple thing said to me in a response to something I wrote that reaffirmed exactly that sort of contribution I want to make online.

Disney / Pixar’s Soul, Two Track Mind’s Album Club 2021 podcast, the first four episodes of WandaVision, making the jump to an e-reader (Kobo), the first book in Star Wars: The High Republic (The Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule), the first two album shows in Jimmy Eat World’s Phoenix Sessions series (Surviving and Futures), Wicked Kitchen’s vegan friendly jam doughnuts, the launch of the Good People Association, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ epic 8 minute guest filled track The Final Parade, Gü’s vegan cheesecake range, this Star Wars rug, Fickle Friends’ Weird Years (Season 1) EP, making it out for my lunchtime walk each weekday (and only being rained off once), new music from upcoming releases by The Hold Steady, Pale Waves, Foo Fighters and Justin Courtney Pierre, a surprise new Weezer album, the return of You Are The Media and the BU Alumni event series, rediscovering Nākd Bars in all their wonderful flavours, fascism being shown the door in America.

Stay positive. x

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